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Risk It and Lose It

The consequences of speeding are demonstrated to 17 – 25 year old drivers, riders and passengers in London through the 'Risk It and Lose It' project. This series of hard-hitting interactive workshops includes a mock Coroners Court (lead by a West London Coroner), a dramatic filmed reconstruction of a crash (including interactive discussions from the Emergency Services) and an interactive speed quiz.

'Risk It and Lose It' explores the issue of risk-taking behaviour, and considers the role of both the passenger and the driver in vehicle collisions. The message behind 'Risk It and Lose It' is 'If you speed, or are a passenger in a speeding vehicle, you risk losing your life, your licence, your friends and your freedom'. The project addresses the physical, emotional and social consequences of dangerous driving.

The Metropolitan Police, London Ambulance Service, London Fire Brigade, Driving Standards Agency and Coroners Court play an invaluable role in the delivery of this project. Partnership working amongst these community stakeholders is key to delivering effective road safety initiatives for the benefit of young people across London.

The following is an evaluation report of the January 2008 pan London 'Risk It and Lose It' event.

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