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Fixed cameras location summary

Camera sites   What is a camera site?
GATSO Speed camera sites 392
A Camera Site is a location where a camera or cameras have been installed.
Digital Speed camera sites 131
Combined speed and red light camera sites 2
GATSO red light sites 254
Average Speed camera sites 1
Total number of camera sites 780  
Camera housings   What is a camera housing?
GATSO Speed camera housings 466
A Camera Housing is a box at the roadside which a camera goes in. Speed camera housings have a yellow reflective panel on them.
Digital Speed camera housings 180
Combined speed and red light camera housings 2
GATSO red light camera housings 301
Average Speed camera housings 4
Total housings 953  
Cameras directions   What is a camera direction?
GATSO Speed camera directions 558
For some locations there may be two or more 'cameras' listed. This may be because there is more than one camera housing at the site, for example if there is a camera housing for each direction. Alternatively there may be a 'swivel' camera which can be operated in two possible directions.
Digital Speed camera directions 180
Combined speed and red light camera directions 2
GATSO red light camera directions 301
Average Speed camera directions 4
Total directions enforced 1045  

This table is updated periodically.

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