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Other TfL cameras

The London Safety Camera Partnership operates a number of cameras in London in order to control speeds and red light running. Transport for London (TfL) also use cameras for enforcement of traffic violations and to control congestion. This page gives some information on other cameras operated by Transport for London (TfL).

Traffic Enforcement Cameras
Transport for London (TfL) use these cameras for a number of parking and traffic enforcement initiatives and projects. These cameras can be bus mounted, static roadside or CCTV cameras.

Improvements in technology have also led to the development of a 'Smart' car and Portable Enforcement Camera (PEC). The 'Smart' car patrols red routes (London's key roads) looking out for illegal parking. This helps to prevent jams which can quickly clog the system.

The PEC is a portable CCTV camera system which can be deployed where and when most needed.

Congestion Charge Cameras
TfL's congestion charge zone is in place to improve traffic and environmental conditions in central London. The charge is enforced by a network of cameras situated at entry and exit points to the charging zone and at some locations within the zone itself.

Congestion Charging Zone cameras record images of vehicles. Each vehicle is then checked against a database of vehicles that have paid to drive within the zone.

Low Emission Zone Cameras
TfL's Low Emission Zone will be in operation from February 2008. The zone aims to discourage the use of the most polluting vehicles and improve air quality. A series of fixed and mobile cameras will be used to read vehicle number plates. Vehicles within the zone will be checked against a database of vehicles which meet the Low Emission Zone emission standards. Drivers of vehicles which do not comply with the standards will be required to pay a daily charge or will become liable to a penalty charge.

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