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Students play roles in dramatic crash reconstruction

Crash reconstructionUxbridge students joined the London Safety Camera Partnership, Hillingdon council road safety team and the emergency services in a dramatic crash reconstruction on Sunday. The event, in Uxbridge Town centre, was aimed at getting people to think about the consequences of speeding.

Uxbridge College Public Services students played the roles of those caught up in the speed related crash. The mock-up saw the rider of a motorcycle lying seriously injured at the scene, a car driver receiving serious injuries and their passenger having to be cut free from the wreck by the emergency services. Audience members were told that the mock crash involved a car driver doing 40mph in a 30 mph zone and driving into the path of an oncoming motorcycle.

Kelidon Mesi, Uxbridge College Public Services student, said "This has made me aware of the risks that are involved in driving and has given me an insight into how the emergency services deal with these situations".

The Public Services course prepares students for work in the uniformed services. Karaman Bacakoglu said "I've gained an insight into how the Police investigate an incident and deal with people. This exercise is something I would like to do again."

656 people were injured in speed related crashes in Hillingdon in 2006. 65 of these injuries were either fatal or serious. The newly formed Hillingdon Road Safety Forum will meet regularly to organise road safety events such as this. The forum is lead by Hillingdon Council and involves the LSCP, London Fire Brigade, London Ambulance Service, Metropolitan Police and representatives from other related organisations.

Christine Fitzgerald, LSCP Communications Manager, said "This realistic initiative contains a hard hitting and stark message. We hope that residents in Hillingdon will take away the serious messages and be more aware as drivers, passengers and riders".

Journalism students from Brunel University also attended the event. Yolanda Bobeldijll and Claire George watched the event unfold and took statements from audience members.

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